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1st Sunday

Chapter Meeting in Lebanon 10 am at the American Legion Breakfast available for $5 before the meeting

4th Sunday

Host Breakfast at American Legion in Lebanon 8 am to 11 am

3rd Saturday

Host Dinner at American Legion in Lebanon 5 pm to 7:30 pm

4th Sunday

AVVA meeting after Sunday Breakfast at the at American Legion in Lebanon

Veterans from the Roseberg Hospital  are scheduled to utilize our fishing pond on the following dates:

March 29th      June 28th     May 31st      July 26th       August 30th


I have also attached a photo of a side view of the float.  It was a cloudy day, but a great day to walk the parade.  We handed out a lot of Agent Orange information and may have picked up a new member.  We shook a lot of hands and said "Welcome Home" a lot of our brothers and sisters.  It was a fun event because we received a lot of applause and  "Thank You's" as we walked down the street.  We handed out all of the 750 small flags we had so we resorted to pulling them off the float to give to the kids and parade watchers along the way.


 Calendar of Events


 Current Projects


We have the opportunity show our car parking prowess at the OSU football home games on October 6, 20, November 3, 17, & 24th.  They will pay us some where between $1,700 and 2,100 depending upon the length of time we are there and the number of members that help.  We need to sign a contract with the intent of having 20 parkiing attendents there.  It can be men or women, or VVA or AVVA.  We are hoping to get the contract in later this week after we get a couple of letters of recommendation and work out the insurance issue.  We think we have insurance either through State or National.

There is a dress code of sorts; we need to wear black pants (jeans or dockers) and a white shirt, even a good white T shirt will work.  They will provide a blue wind braker and a neon green safety vest.  In bad weather we can wear what ever we want for rain protection under the blue wind breaker and our own black rain pants.  We can use umbrellas and take lawn chairs.  We cannot wear any school colors, hats, or attire other than Beaver Black & Orange.  However, we can wear our VVA or other veterans/service hats.

We will need to check in at their office at 6;30AM each morning to pick up our coats, vest and walkie-talkie.  We stay until kick-off and we will get a message over the walkie-talkie. Starting time depends upon TV and could be as late as 7:00 PM.  In that event we hope to be able do shift changes if we can get enough volunteers.  Also if we get enough volunteers when hunting season comes about, family activities or other events preclude someone from showing up there would be a second shift, not unlike when we were doing the dinners we have back up. We can't park where we work and have to shuttle/carpool/walk.  We visited the campus and the coordinator and have some ideas for parking we can discuss later.  at the most it would be a 3-4  block walk from where we park to where we sign in.

When we had the list passed around at the meeting, we had 21 sign up, but that is a bare minimum so hopefully we can get some other volunteers.

This can give us a huge financial boost because we can make around $10,000 by year end if we perform well.  The contract is renewable and can be for many years to come if we do a good job.

We wll be parking cars in the lot around the football stadium to the large donor parking.  We need to be there early so they can tail gait.  We DO NOT have to put up with crap like the Strawberry festival, we just call on our walkie-talkie and either the police, sheriff, or OSU management will come and deal with it.  We just back away and wait. 

We will be assigned in pairs to parking lot entrances and as visitors come, we will tear off a ticket stub for their parking site.  They then find their way to their own site, we don't have to direct them.  Our job is to admit them off the street into the parking lot and take their stub, smile, wish them luck and have a nice time!  If someone finds another person in their parking spot, we just call for help and let the authorities deal with it and continue  taking ticket stubs.

If you want to volunteer, please reply to the '' e-mail above and let me know so I can add you to the list.  We really need more than just the 21 that signed up at the meeting.  If you have questions, you can call either Welles or me.  I am at 541/926-1773.  If you have already signed up we have your information and you don't need you to call.

Please let me know by e-mail or phone if you can help.  Please leave a message if we don't answer the phone.


Dave Perry

$45,000 in the LBCC Scholarship Fund for Veterans -Accomplished

Install Flagpole in the Bob Smith Memorial Park in Lebanon -Accomplished

Chapter Members Helping VCA (Veterans Comemoration Assoc.) Albany Veterans' Day Parade -Accomplished

Assist with Parking at the Lebanon Strawberry Fair -Early June

Construction of Fishing Dock on Linn County private pond for use by VA Hospital patients -Continuing


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